Avocado, lemon, chilly flakes, sea salt, omega 3 grains, toast

Açai puree, homemade granola, banana, coconut flakes

Yogurt, homemade granola, seasonal berries, pollen, goji berries, honey

Coco milk, chia grains, banana, coconut flakes, nutella drizzle

Poké Bowls

Raw tuna or gravlax salmon, quinoa, avocado, cucumber, pickled onions, sesame seeds, omega 3 grains, asian marinade

Pulled pork, ratatouille, cherry tomatoes, cashew nuts, sweet potato, barbecue sauce

Chicken, wild rice, guacamole, brocoli, homemade pesto, berries

Potato, carrot, spinach carotte, bulgur, coconut milk, tomato, curcuma

Pulled pork, wild rice, spinach, coco sauce


The best of the season selected by our chefs

Cold Press Juices

Apple, cucumber, spinach, fennel, mint

Beet, pineapple, orange, lemon

Carrot, apple, ginger

Pineapple, orange, apple, lemon

Filtered water, almonds, dates, vanilla



Granola offers seasons products that taste delicious and respect the environment around us. We prepare our recipes daily, using only but the best of ingredients. It's about fostering a delicious experience, on the go or with friends.


Granola firmly believes that food should be good for you, good for the environment and delicious above all else. We go for local, ethically sourced, seasonal and plant-based ingredients that are as healthy as they are tasty.