Avocado, lemon, chilly flakes, sea salt, omega 3 grains, toast

Açai puree, homemade granola, banana, coconut flakes

Yogurt, homemade granola, seasonal berries, pollen, honey

Coco milk, chia grains, banana, coconut flakes, nutella drizzle

Poké Bowls

Raw tuna, quinoa, avocado, homemade pickles, sesame seeds, omega 3 grains, asian marinade

Salmon, quinoa, avocado, pickled vegetables, omega 3 grains, teriyaki marinade

Chicken, black rice, avocado tartare, brocoli, homemade pesto, berries

Zucchini fettuccine, pesto, quinoa, radish, red cabbage, red endives, maple syrup tofu, soy mustard sauce, avocado tartare, tomato sauce


The best of the season selected by our chefs



Lentils, tomatoes, oignons, feta, vinaigrette, poached egg

Gravlax Salmon, avocado, poached eggs, confit tomatoes, toast

Ricotta pancakes, bananas, honey

Cold Press Juices

Apple, ginger, cucumber, lettuce, kale, spinach, lime, spirulina

Apple, carrot, pineapple, curcuma

Apple, beetroot, carrot, mint

Filtered water, almonds, dattes, vanilla, Himalayan salt

Filtered water, almonds, dattes, raw cacao, Himalayan salt

At granola, we offer a take on healthy eating that also veers into cosy design and friendly spaces. It’s hearty and delicious—almost like vegetarian food for nonvegetarians.